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Wonderful trip home to Ireland

For a wonderful trip to Ireland I would like to thank a number of people or friends who made our stay so enjoyable not forgetting the food and good times and the Georgous weather supplied for the occasion.
For having a waiting for us,thanks to Joan Karen @ Les.To Stanley @ Jean for sharing their home @ the trip with them through the MOURNE Mts. Antrim Coast@ Down Coast.To Nigel @ Alison for inviting us to their what a Day. After leaving the Wedding Service everyone proceaded to Brookhall Historical Farm Ballinderry where a luncheon was served with " OODLES @ OODLES " of @ Cream @ Wine to wash it all down.Then everyone Proceeded to The Hilton Hotel Templepatrick for the reception which did not end until the Wee Hours
A BIG thanks to Jim @ Elva for all their Entertainment @ work on My Family Tree + other things. To Bill @ Helen for a night out at Millbrook Hotel Ballynahinch a
Country @ Western Daniel O' Donald @ a Comedian who had some Shocking Jokes that would make James Young BLUSH. Other notable mentions to Noel @ Naomi,Wesley @ Beth,Leslie @ Cathey,@ my wife's hair Stylist Glenda.
Some of the things we did while there. A Cruise on the Lagan ,a stroll in Hillsborough Park and saw the Swans with their young Signets, Lisburn Mall which is massive now.the Park @ Castle gardens are under renovations.Big changes @ new buildings everywhere.
A Ulster Fry in the Country Kitchen on Sloan St. where BEANO eats.!!! A drive down the Low road to Lambeg, Drumbeg,Ballyaughlis,Drumbow,Tullyard,Saintfield. a dinner at Bow Bells Donaghadee. Belfast is looking good with NO SIGNS OF TROUBLE anywhere. To a Garden Fete at the Morvian Church @ more of Jim Law,s . Ritchies Pub was getting a face lift as was a lot of others were being painted for the holiday season. The price of gas was 97 pence a litre @ food very expensive. My conclusion is Pound for DOLLAR for everything,Big changes from the 1950,s.
which can be expected as nowhere stands still.
I hope that i have not bored you with my comments on t
the Old Sod as it is still a beautiful country.
Lord @ Lady Downshire

Re: Wonderful trip home to Ireland

Sounds like you had as wonderful a trip as my own. Lisburn was very wet while I was there and they got the good weather after I came back to Canada.


Re: Wonderful trip home to Ireland

That was just brilliant Lord Downshire. You didn't waste any time, and made the most of every minute. I thoroughly enjoyed your account, and I am sure that everyone you were with enjoyed YOU!


Re: Wonderful trip home to Ireland

good to hear of your trip and you certainly didn,t bore me great to hear about it. but i found like you the prices of things hard to believe. the petrol or gasoline was understandable as distances there are small and public transport is available if you need it you could probably fill up once a week and that would do. in australia here the distances are large car engines bigger and in rural areas public transport is not available. petrol is still expensive but not like uk or n. i.

i found like you the pound was equivilent to an australian dollar which is only worth .4 of a pound

a bottle of aussie wine which is 9 dollars here was 9 0r ten pounds there and even the 'pub grub'' averaged 13 or 14 pound a meal when you could get a good pub meal here for 12 or 14 dollars so i used to wonder how they could cope with it . mind you i,m only stating comparisions when i,m over there i couldn,d give a monkey,s on the price of things i,m just glad to be there and see things and see people and breathe the air

glad you enjoyed your time there good luck tom