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ways of saving the parks in Lisburn

Perhaps if the Council is strapped for cash they could put the rates up. Lisburn parks and gardens would be left untouched for future generations to enjoy.
Any more ideas???????????

Re: ways of saving the parks in Lisburn

Have a summer gig in one of the parks, top DJ’s etc. Properly organised, tickets should sell like hotcakes, the young of the town will have the time of their lives, and the revenue can go in a pot aimed at restoring the parks to their former glory.

Re: ways of saving the parks in Lisburn

Thumbs up Joe.............fantastic idea.


Re: ways of saving the parks in Lisburn

excellent idea Joe!

Re: Re: ways of saving the parks in Lisburn

Some one needs to do something about the mess of the castle gardens i have just returned from Lisburn to Canada and i was shocked at the way they have been left to grow over Maggie

Re: ways of saving the parks in Lisburn


Re: Re: ways of saving the parks in Lisburn

Why don't the residents of Lisburn get together and do something. Forget the council!

Re: Re: Re: ways of saving the parks in Lisburn

Reading the comments on this topic reminds me of a system that has evolved over the last few years here in Canada. Years ago the responsibility for picking up litter and light maintenance in parks belonged to the council, the work was carried out by council workers, and the costs paid for out of local property taxes. All of a sudden a program called rent a park, rent a road, rent a etc. appeared. Good citizens volunteered their time to do these chores, which no doubt saved a lot of tax dollars. Now a spin off from the same program has shown up in the education system, requiring every student to complete 40 hours of community service before they can graduate from high school. The city of Brampton where I live has 400,000 people and growing, with a very large number of students, multiplied by 40 hours, representing another large saving in tax dollars.
Now if the money saved was documented, and invested into something beneficial for the community that could be seen as a fair exchange for the voluntary hours, or if every home got a property tax reduction that would be ok.
But we all know things don’t happen like that. The savings are buried in the system with no notable benefit, no one gets a tax break, and taxes continue to increase well beyond cost of living increases, as well as politician and council salaries and allowances.

So before the people of Lisburn decide to volunteer their time into caring for parks, ask the council first what has happened to money supposedly allocated for this purpose?


Re: ways of saving the parks in Lisburn

the last thing I want to do is hurt anyone's feelings, but here goes my two cents.

I have visited home - Lisburn every 2nd year for the past few years. I live in Canada today, and have for many years.

The Castle Garden seems to me also to be in disrepair.
In my older mind - I'm a senior citizen, I was able to imagine it as it was in the past, and I reminisced
on the many great times I had there.

It seems to me that if the people of Lisburn - those who live there and pay taxes there, want to make changes and bring it back up to standards, then they should, but I realize I can't force them to do that based on my memories.

I would like very much to see it cleaned up, but I would not like to see great changes made -


Re: Re: Re: Re: ways of saving the parks in Lisburn

Right on Terry, Our representatives must be held accountable for our tax dollars, and that means also in Lisburn, for too long they've gotten away with doing what they want, and the people who put them there have been forgotten about.
My idea is this, if you are receiving some form of goverment assistance, then you need to do something in return for that, ie. cleaning up the parks and roadways. Not sitting waiting for your monthly check.