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Hilden School Vote

There is mini poll on Hilden School on the home Page of this site.
I cannot believe that some people actually want to see it closed.

Re: Hilden School Vote

It really doesn't surprise me that people are voting on this issue.
Lisburn people (past and present) were always known to be never adverse to letting their opinions known. Wasn't Lisburn known one time as the "Fort of the Gamblers"
NI society needs to keep institutions like this open, if only as a reminder that this the way things should be.
For what it's worth I would like the school to remain open.

Re: Hilden School Vote

In "Your Place and Mine "
a lot of people who feel the same way are sending messages to that effect.
If it will do any good though as someone wrote that the Mill ground ( if the ground on which the school stands is also included ? ) has already been planned to build an housing estate!
Robbie, " Stronghold of the Adventurers ", I seem to recall.

Re: Re: Hilden School Vote

Lisburn - " Stronghold of the Adventurers ",
Now, that, I like much better than
"Fort of the Gamblers"
although this is the first time I've heard that one.

Re: Hilden School Vote

Wee Sammy Semple about 50 years ago translated it so, I liked it as well.
I hope I,m wrong but to coin a homely phrase, the protesters against the closure of Hilden school should " save their breath to cool their porridge ", as I think after reading all articles about it,the closure is part of the total concept for Hilden.