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Hilden Primary

Hello again,

I was just looking at the Ulster Star online and saw the below article on the proposed closure, after 130 odd years, of Hilden Primary. I remember reading that some of you had gone to school there and thought that you'd be interested in this.


Re: Hilden Primary

As one of those who was educated at Hilden I am apalled to think that it is closing.
Hilden was an "Integrated " school years before anyone ever thought of the name.
I realise that Hilden as I knew it doesn't exist any more but surely there is enough building going on in the area to justify a school. I would have thought that someone might think ahead a little but unfortunately the faceless bureaucrats who run the education system cannot see beyond their noses.
So much for the great cry for "integrated schooling"
Thank you very much for posting the info.

Re: Hilden Primary

It would be terrible to see Hilden school closing, only hope that the decision is reversed as Lisburn and indeed Norniron would be a poorer place without it.

Re: Hilden Primary

Hall all you Hildeners
What,s new about the "aul place"