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Your PLace and Mine

Hello all,

I was browsing through the BBC NI webpages and found this inteteting programme called Your Place and Mine. It offers a lot of personal stories about places and times back home. It might be worth taking a look, it certainly gave me some great hours of nostalgic reading, even if I am to young to remember a lot of the content... Check it out below....


Re: Your PLace and Mine

Hi Richard,

Many thanks for the information re the site I have just had a quick look at it and it looks great. Donald,Low Roader, and Fraser should enjoy the article about "Hilden and the wee man" as one of them already mentioned this on the forum.

Thanks again Richard,

Re: Re: Your PLace and Mine

Hi Beano, will try to have a great time, but the wee man was a stranger to me as my schooling was at the Wm. Foote. Jimmy Wells was the desperado in my time, also Ma Price, Andy Norris, Miss Upritchard, and my favourite Miss name a few. Must get down to see you this summer. Fraser

Re: Your PLace and Mine

What a great little site. Thanks Richard.
Although, I can't believe there aren't more stories from around or about Lisburn, what with the linen trade etc.
Also, I guess with all the stories I'm reading re the village you Hildeners are more computer oriented than the rest of us Lisburn area ex-pats. I never spent much time in Hilden, but I do recognize the odd name or two in many of the forum postings.
I'll have to get the thinking cap back on and try to come up with an original posting that may be of interest to someone out there.