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busy as usual!!!

Just returned from Lisburn. The place is as busy as usual, don't mention the traffic!!!!!!!!!!

Took a slow! walk up Pipers Hill. I expected to see Pipers Hill on a sign up on the wall but no signs to indicate its name, what a shame....

The new development accross the road from Lindsay Cars looks OK not too out of place and much more tidy than it was.
Thats all folks!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: busy as usual!!!

I believe Piper Hill has been rebranded as Market Lane.
I know not wy.
Perhaps we should all write to the council and ask why.

Re: busy as usual!!!

I agree LR

Perhaps the Council asked the local people if they could change the name. Who knows, will we ever know???


Re: busy as usual!!!

I don’t know if this is a serious question, but the answer of course is that it was always Market Lane, but was known to the locals as Piper’s Hill from the ghost story of the piper.