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Car Hire

Hi All,

In talking to you, I'm probably talking to folks resident out side 'the North' but here goes anyway.

I intend to hire a small car for the four weeks we are in NI from mid July (22) to mid August (18).

Via the Internet, the best quote I've found is a bit less than 500 pounds, about 1100 aussie dollars.

That's not a bad deal, but....

Anyone got a better suggestion????


Re: Car Hire

hi sean
the price sounds good does that include insurance as i found out when i rented there that my cost did not include insurance so if i wrecked the car i would have to pay for a new one the extra cost of insurance was almost the same price as the car rental so beware

Re: Car Hire

Hi Sean,

Try Dan Dooley Car Hire on the "net" and see what they have to offer. If you would like to phone them at the Belfast International office, ask forHeather(manager)and tell her you are a friend of Bill Hanna I guarantee you will get a break. Heather will also advise you if you need any extra insurance. I have been using their cars for the last thirtyfive years, a number of my friends have used their services as well.


Re: Re: Car Hire

Thanks countydowner and Beano,

Good tips. I will surely follow up Dan Dooley.


Re: Re: Re: Car Hire

Hi If you can book with AMEX card , that way your insurance is covered, my travel agent always gets the best deals. will be booking one for the 7th May. good luck.