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pre-trip notes

I seem to be Dabbler or Joe depending whether I’m in Explorer or Netscape. I’m not sure if the wife will let me escape. Does Mr Brandon let you loose?

I vaguely remember a lad a few years older than me called Joe Speers, who was at school while you were there. Tough boyo. Bertie Fitsimmons kept him in check though, with the help of a long cane!

Re: pre-trip notes

I noticed today a Geraldine Gorman on the Exiles page. I well remember her very nice mum, Eileen, who worked in the Island mill, as does Beano, I’m sure.
That’s it folks. Hope to be in touch in a few days time.

Re: Re: pre-trip notes


I have been in touch with Geraldine and told her of knowing her mum and aunt Sally.
I lost your e-mail address when my computer crashed a few months ago, so I wasn't able to let you know anything.