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eden and evil

Hi to all, just a wee note to say if N.Ire. is such a garden of Eden were no Evil exists( as you all agreed), why is there an Exiles Club?

Re: eden and evil

Speaking on behalf of me and no-one else, I never said there was no evil in NI (in fact there is more than enough). I questioned the existance of the evil spots in Lisburn and was hoping to learn from you where they are/were as I go home reasonably often and was hoping to make up for lost time as I appear to have missed them whilst growing up.
There is an exiles forum so that people with a common interest (Lisburn and district) can reminisce.
Nothing unusual in that is there?
I do not think anyone has ever suggested that NI was a garden of Eden, but it will always be home to me.
I think it sad that you appear not to have any happy memories and I trust you are happy now in your chosen place of abode.

Re: eden and evil


Some how or other you seemed to have lost your way. I concur wholeheartedly with Low Roaders comments. I understood your original comments where about Lisburn and not N.Ireland as a whole. Of course there was/is a lot of evil "doings" in Norn Irn.with the "Troubles" and we can only pray that some day there will be an end to it all,however growing up in Lisburn I never experienced any of that.
I am an exile but I still enjoy going "home", here's to all the exiles who have awakened wonderful memories for me through this club.


Re: eden and evil

Soon, for the first time in nearly fifty years, I’m going ‘home’ for a visit.
Fraser, I am fortunate in having had a childhood untouched by the troubles, and thankfully devoid of the sinister side of which you apparently have knowledge. but I had a pretty difficult childhood.
Nevertheless, despite the time lapse, and the tough times, I am thrilled at the thought of returning to walk the highways and byways of childhood. Gone are the old folks, the children are scattered; some of them also gone. The little old house in which I lived is no more. But there are memories, indelible memories, of laughter, scraps, sing-songs. It was a time and place largely filled with the happiness of comparative innocence, surrounded by siblings and neighbours all struggling against similar odds.
I am grateful to the people who contribute to this forum. Your posts have increased my desire for contact with my ‘previous life’ .
I know that I face great sadness, but even the sorrow will make me feel fulfilled.

Re: Re: eden and evil

good luck to you enjoy
yourself tom

Re: Re: Re: eden and evil


Have you changed your e-mail address?. Just had a message rejected at "foxall"


Re: eden and evil

Hello Joe, it seems we have lost "Dabbler" and gained Joe, and I am so glad at the turn of events that has you going "home" soon. You mentioned your wife going with you, and that is great, but I do hope you are able to be on your own sometimes walking and thinking and looking and "being". Yes, there will be completion there, and you are brave enough to face the difficult things. It is daft I know, but I am so proud of you.


Re: Re: Re: Re: eden and evil

yes beano i,ve changed my email address. as a matter of fact i,ve changed a lot of things.
i,ve sold my house in victoria huge decision as it was on a beautiful 3 acres and surrounded by a conservation reserve the only noise all day was birdsongs. however i gave up full time work and found all my time was looking after the land so decided to give the pleasure of the property to someone else to appreciate which i did and the young couple who bought it are over the moon

so i ,m renting in the gold coast in queensland where a son lives and looking at houses to buy.
i,ve bought a new all singing dancing lap top and was without a computer for a while but back on line again and enjoying the craic.

all my addresses were lost in my old computer which self destructed a while ago so the addressee i had beano bob bill i,d love to hear from you to get you on file again

my new email address is and it now works would loce to hear from you and bob and bill

good luck tom