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Wonderful Visit

Hello all,

Thoroughly enjoyed my visit "home". Lisburn with all it's changes is still a wonderful town(city). AND..... the weather was terrific,cold but dry and sunny. I strolled through the Co.Down, Mercer St.,Hillhall Rd.,Cromwell's highway,Saintfield Rd. over the playing fields to the Ballynahinch Rd, we then drove up the Hillsborough Old Rd. and over to "Blaris New" cemetary and put flowers on my parents grave. We then went for lunch to "The Tidy Doffer"(Presho's old place) quite different from the sing song days, by this time we had met up with my old friend Daphne Sloan(McNeill) we talked ourselves hoarse for about two hours......very enjoyable. Next day we had an outing that took us up the Longstone round the Tonagh estate, out to Knockmore estate (it's atown on its own). We came back to Sloan st., where we had tea and rhubarb tart in the Country Kitchen, and by the way still worth a visit.
Off we go again,round the Island centre, then off down the Low Rd. through Hilden, big changes....... through Lambeg into Ballyskeagh and out to Drumbeg, had a look roumd the historic old churchyard. From there we went into Belfast and on to Carrickfergus where I was staying for the four days.
The only disappointment in Lisburn was the "MARKET" there is no atmosphere anymore, I could have been anywhere in the U.K. and by the way I never knew evil existed in Lisburn other than in some people's minds, and I certainly hope it remains that way.

Lisburn is promoted and deserves to be promoted, I would reccomend it to anyone for a visit.


Re: Wonderful Visit

Welcome back.
It is good to know you enjoyed your journey. I am going "home" again in July to do some touring with Mrs LR and my big brother and look forward to seeing the new Lisburn again. I must say I really enjoy my trips back home except for the Hilden I loved which is no more. I am sure Donald would be even more sad than me as he actually lived there.
I hope you went to view " Winnies house" for old time's sake.
Ok I'll leave now - Taxi.
"Evil is as evil does"

Re: Re: Wonderful Visit

Hi Beano, I’m glad you had a nice visit. It seems you got all the nice weather, as my wife Rosemary is just back and had rain every day, but she still managed to get round the town shopping.
While it is great to see Lisburn doing so well, especially with the latest news from Donald about the Co. Down redevelopment, one disappointment that I recall is the lack of night life. While the town (city) is busy during the day it seems to become a ghost town after 5 o’clock. What do people do at night, watch TV? My daughter and I walked the entire town trying to find a restaurant and settled for pizza on Pipers hill, a big change from the 60’s and early 70’s when the square was alive until late at night. Perhaps it’s a reflection of the previously troubled times. (maybe Fraser knows)

Re: Re: Re: Wonderful Visit

On my visit, one thing in paticular I noticed in Bow Street was that "Chitticks" was closing down. I am sure most of you who went to the Tech ,Wallace or Friends must have bought your uniform there in days past,they certainly seemed to have been there a lifetime.......

To Low Roader,
As a matter of fact I was down past "Winnie's"place, we had to drop off a passenger, David Bell who is Ella Mc's husband and a very good friend of mine. Terry,Ken and Tom will all remember Davy from the "CLB".

For anyone who is interested, Christ Church CLB. are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, the display is this month and the anniversary service is in June.