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retired lord has new job

has job driving local doctor around his surgerys ,doc rolled his car total wright of will lose licence .this has led to lord downshire now given the prestigus job of assistant now wears plastic hat and gloves ,to hand doc instruments i presume look over shoulder now i find out he is a ginacoligest mymy what will lady d say ???????good on you lord SKIPPY

Re: retired lord has new job

Don,t envy you in any way, would still rather be receiving salary in Munich for visiting Biergartens and making pilgrimages to Cloister Andecs to repent sins and partake of Cloister Beer

Re: retired lord has new job

In reply to " SKIPPY'S " March 29th Posting.
I would like to inform SKIPPY that i was not amused of the announcment to the " WORLD " of my temporary new position as CHAUFFEUR to a GYNECOLOGIST, who had lost his driving licence.

Living in a large city and having a practice in a rural area,"where Doctors are as scarse as hen's teeth." The Dr. was able to persuade the JUDGE at his trial to be Lenient, as so many Women depended on his services.
This seemed to work in the Dr's favor and he was granted his driving licence back with some conditions.!!!

For your information "Skippy", I have hung up my Medical Gown,Cap,Mask and Gloves and returned to being RETIRED and LADY "O" is quite happy.!!!!

Ps. Skippy did you skip a lot of School classes.
Was it Miss Patton, Jordie Mc Cready or possibly Bob Maxwell who taught You.????

Lord Downshire.