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Warren park

Hi All,
I may be going about this the wrong way creating an older topic as a new one,(Jim will set me straight), but there comes a time when a topic slides off the first page, in this instance 'Warren Park', and responses may be missed because you need to scan back to see whether there has been another.
Anyway, Daphne brought back memories with her posting. I remember seeing Daphne Webster's dad's gun and holster, had it in my hand for an instance. Was it Stella? Stevenson who came round to our place and said her dad wanted me to call my pigeons back into the loft because a race was in progress? I remember she had long legs. What about George Moore's shop: and little Eadie? Used to chase us when we knocked on the side door and ran.
What would you give to be back in those days again?

Re: Warren park


I remember Moore's Shop very well. Edie McKnight was the woman who worked for Mr. Moore and she was a friend of my mother's and lived around Warren Park Avenue just down from two of my Aunts, Nellie McClintock and Minnie Elliott # 23 and #25. My mother died two years ago and the last time she visited Lisburn she did see Edie. I don't know if she is still alive or not - I must remember to ask my cousin Sylvia Walker. My cousin Jorie McAlister lived across the street from Edie. Also McKillen's. I heard one of the McKillen's is in Toronto and Joan McKillen is still in Lisburn.

We went to the shop almost every day - usually to buy a pack of 5 Woodbine for my father and mother. I lived at #19 Warren Pk. Drive. Our next door neighbors were Mrs. Anderson on one side and Mrs. Crothers on the other. Briggs lived two doors up and Madeline Crozier just lived two doors down. Also there was the Burns, Raymond Stevenson and and Brian Graham.

I really liked Daphne Webster and used to look up to her at lot as a role model. I don't know where she ended up. Old man Webster had a good number of dogs.

Anyway, my mind doesn't remember all of the people but it is strange when you start writing lots of them do come back.

Hear from you soon.


Re: Re: Warren park

Hi Daphne,

I remember you very well as the dark haired, glamorous girl, who looked like a model. You lived almost opposite the Stevensons and I was great mates with Brian Graham's brothers Sydney and Ivan. Ivan has died but Sydney and his wife Edna are living on the shores of Strangford Lough and we will probably visit them in July when we do our round trip.

I also remember Ken and Jim Burns, I think Jim was in my class at school.

Noticing you are in Canada, my sisters are in Montreal and Ottawa and we will call on them on the way back to Australia.

Like Sylvie asks in posting, where have the regulars gone?


Re: Warren park

Hi Sean
You ask where have all the regulars gone!It,s possible that the regulars read instead of writing. I,ve been writing regulary now for at least two years, Dabbler , Liz, Lowroader, etc,etc also. I would love just to click in and read but after a while if everyone did so then we just have readers and no writers. An appeal on all forum readers ,write please

Re: reading and writing

My grandchildren are coming, so that lets me out for the next four days. I am now in very regular touch with a brother in Lisburn, which feeds my nostalgic yearning for information from the old place. I have enjoyed the postings here, but now that I am emailing almost daily to Lisburn, the desire to promulgate my life history is slightly diminished.

Re: Warren park

And when that one great scorer comes, to mark against our name, he will not ask if we won or lost, but how we played the game!
Who wrote it and what game did he mean?
dabbler, enjoy life

Re: Warren park

Grantland Rice.
Clever little Low Roader eh!

Re: Re: Re: Warren park


it,s funny how the memory goes? sean says you were darkhaired model type girl ? i remember daphne martin as a fair ish hair tomboy type of girl? i was around about i think at that time with my mate neville at the time of marie briggs ann warwick ans beth mulhand used to play with bikes etc at the shop at the corner. great days tom

Re: Re: Re: Re: Warren park

Tom, Only Daphne cananswer that one. Sean