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Mother's day

Happy Mothers day to all the mums on this site.
Have a lovely enjoyable day.
Fondest regards
Sally xxxx

Re: Mother's day

Thanks Sally,
I hope you have a great
day. For those of us who live
in the USA, Mother's day
is in May.

Re: Re: Mother's day

Hi Sally and Sylvia,

In Australia its Sunday 14th May. Each to his (her) own

Re: Re: Re: Mother's day

Thanks Sean, Its probably the same date here, I just did'nt have a calender to look it up. Where are you located in Australia? I have a couple of friends in Higgins, but have been unable to make contact with them. Bobby and Florence Coburn from Lisburn, her name was Beegan and she lived up near the Niagara, he is a distant relative from the Anahilt or Ballycrune area. Maybe someone out there knows them. Her sister works in Smyth Patterson's.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Mother's day

Hi Sylvia,
I'm in Tasmania, the island state below the other big island of Australia. Very like Ireland in climate and scenery. My local geography is not that hot but I think Higgins is a surburb of Canberra, our capital state.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Mother's day

it is as sean said higgins is indeed a surburb of Canberra which ic ACT AUSTRALIAN CAPITOL TERRITORY if you dial an international telephone operator with the name initials with surburb and state they could probably connect you

good luck tom mccabe

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Mother's day

Hi Sean and Tom,
Thankyou so much for your help.
I'll give that a try and see
if I can connect with them. I was hoping
for and e-mail address.

Re: Mother's day

Irish Joke
Q. When is Mother,s Day?
A; Nine months after Father,s night

Maybe not funny for all but better than nothing as the contributions are getting lean.

Re: Mother's day

That was very funny Donald, as was your comment!


Warren Park ' v Longstone St gangs

I agree with Donald re Mothers Day, the contributions are quieter that I suspect is usual. Maybe this will stimulate a few memories and responses.

Coming home from school in Belfast, it was a quick change into street clothes then up to the top of Warren Park Avenue where we, the Warren Park gang (WPG) and the Longstone St Gang (LSG) would assemble in a field alongside the sixth fairway of the Lisburn Golf Course.

Then for an hour or so we, we would throw stones and insults at each other before both sides went home for tea. I remember names like Ivan Davis, and (was it Robbie?)Paton from Old Warren, but alas, my memories of our side are a bit vague. I thing Archie Briggs was there, Bertie Boal, Hokey Finn, Austin Mathers and a few brave girls on both sides. We never achieved anything but it passed the time until we found something else to occupy us, e.g. football on the plots (or progging orchards and veggie patches). Oh to be a time traveller!


Re: Mother's day

Donald, Sean, and Liz
That is as I remember life in the forties, fifties. There were, of course, whispered stories of the type Fraser seeks, but they were as nothing compared with the real problems of poverty, cruelty, and neglect. But the humour overcame all. Or masked everything, so that life was a laugh. Except for the mothers to whom Liz refers in the adjoining thread.
Sean, I even remember the name Bertie Boal, as well as the Finns, though I can’t recall where they were from. Phillip Mulholland was a LSG member, in my stone throwing days, as was a boy called Phillips. I referred to him in another post, as one who failed to get into the Merchant Navy due to an inner ear problem.