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Cycle Track

Watching the cycling on TV at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne reminded me of the cycle track in Wallace Park. Up-graded in the early fifties (?) we regularly had meets and I remember one of the better riders called Darragh. I think he was from Lurgan/Portadown area. Ivan Graham and yours truly had a tandem made from two bike frames welded together and a bit of ingenuity with gear wheels and chains. We could get along at a fair clip and used to pace some of the riders. The track alas has become somewhat of a derelict when I last saw it in 2001. Has it been renovated?

Re: Cycle Track

I well remember the cycling track being opened in the Wallace Park.
The star turn at the opening was a world champion cyclist called Reg Harris who sat balanced on his bike for what seemed an eternity at the top of the banking nearest the railway line.
Northern CC were amongst the leading clubs at the time.
Young Mr Watters will have some more knowledge of the situation, I am sure.
Those were the days.

Re: Cycle Track

Sean I am afraid the straight at the side of the cricket pitch has been removed, regarding the rest of the track it is now full of pot holes I remember well when it was opened flying round it on Felix Elmores message bike, I also remember Reg Harris that night in sprint races it was an education to watch him.To get back to the wallace park does anyone remember Lulu or what happened her? Sean by the way Larry Close sends his best regards TED

Re: Cycle Track

Who’s messing about? No sooner had I posted than back comes Mr Rooney with that bit about Lulu. Please do follow that one up, as the cogs are flying round in my wee brain, trying to place her.

Re: Cycle Track

Come on Ted, who was Lulu? Was she a big dark girl with frizzy hair?

Re: Cycle Track

Dabbler Right first time, I think she worked about the North Circular Road and sometimes she would have been walking the fly side on a sunday night she was full of life,and you would have seen her in the Wallace Park often,she was a very nice person,by the way Sean the ducks are still in the park,I now bring the granchildern to fed them,were has the time gone Kind Regards Ted

Re: Re: Cycle Track

I'd forgotten about the ducks and I never knew Lulu, unfortunately, it seems.
Yes, I remember Reg Harris too.

Re: Duck Pond

Back in the fifties/sixties I heard about a guy swimming in that pond and catching a duck!