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Hi to all, maybe lowroader can help, there seems to be some disagreement that Ashley or Ashleigh Place existed in the Low Road,I believe it started from just above Wilson St. were the houses were cut back almost at old Mrs Flanaghans house and ran down the Low Rd. as far as Fort Hill Girls School Gateway, opposide side of course. My Aunt Lizzie Wilson lived in the first one next to George Ferguson, or was it the last one? Only one house had a garden above Wilson St. in the Low Road.

Re: Address

I agree with you about Ashleigh Place except that I thought it ran from Wilson St (Millers shop) to the field above the houses where the McCabes lived. There was a gate between two rows of houses near enough opposite the entrance to the big house at Forthill ( long before the school was built).
The houses above Wilson Street may well have been part of that row but I thought they were grouped with the houses on the opposite side (which also had gardens?). I certainly remember the only house with a garden on the LHS going up towards Lisburn above McLenaghan's shop.
The row of houses where the McCabe family lived also had gardens - mostly uncultivated I seem to remember.
BTW I hope your sister Valerie is well.
When you get to this old you are almost frightened to ask about anyone in your age group or older.

Re: Re: Address

Hi LW, you are right and the row ran up from Joeys shop to the house with the garden also and ended there or began?, Val. is well ,living in Droitwich Spa, England, Aldene is living in Spain, will see them both in May, in Alacanti. Best wishes .Fraser