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Where is everybody?

Has everybody gone to the Winter Olympics?
Seems like forever since anything new was posted on this forum.
I should get forum contributors wound up about something or other, but unfortunately my tank is also dry.
So, somebody, please start something/anything again soon.

Re: Where is everybody?

OK Robbie
Let,s start this forum rolling again. Who remembers getting a poke at Kitty Malloy,s ? Or a 99 ?

Re: Where is everybody?

I DO! Kitty Malloy's ice-cream was never to be forgotton. When Daphne recently mentioned Christ Church and the Rev Hall, I actually felt a bit jealous that such a good time was going on in a loving atmosphere, and I missed it! However, my friend Brenda Haire dragged me along to the Salvation army when I was about 10, and there I found the basis of my faith which was precious, and the children had a good time there also. However, I did used to go to Christ Church occasionally, but what temptation along the way! Kitty Malloy's shop that I had to pass, and the collection money I held tightly in my hand for the church. Alas, I remember a couple of times when it went on poke on the way home from church! And I don't think I ever told my mother.


Re: Re: Where is everybody?

Donald, Kitty’s pokes were great. We also used to buy their ice cream in small blocks that could be cut into servings. (Sunday treat)
I relate the 99’s more to Montgomery’s in Castle street, with the soft ice cream

Re: Re: Where is everybody?

I have been asking the same question, "Where did everybody go?" I'm glad you are all still out there. Since I did not live in Lisburn and did not know about Kitty Malloys pokes. I caught the bus at Castle Gardens after school, and often went to Mongomery's, their soft ice cream was definitely my favorite, especially with a flake bar stuck in the middle. When I go back home for a visit, I usually try to indulge myself.


Re: Re: Where is everybody?

Kitty Malloy's ice was great, but the best 99 was at Billy Robinsons across from the top of Millbrook. Montgomery's fish and chips were the best, probably because they were so close to the Tech for me,but their ice cream sundaes were to die for.