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Making a slide

I used to have a sliding good time on Wrights Hill,what a fun time it was .Sally Cordner.

Re: Making a slide

Sally, do you remember Raymond Wrights long sledge with the hand rails along the sides, used to take about six people, it was called “the bus”

Re: Re: Making a slide

Hi Terry,

I remember "Archie's Bus", in fact he used it in a skit at the Kings Hall during a "Skating show", he played a clown in that. Both Raymond and Percy were both excellent skaters, and played hockey for Balmoral Wasps at that time. Incidentally Mary Ginesi of the famous Ginesi's of Lisburn,also appeared in that skating show.


Re: Mary Genesi

Hi Beano
Mary Genesi lives in Toronto. She is married to Norman Major who comes from the Lisburn Road, I used to visit them when I lived in Toronto (50 years ago) Norman worked for North York Hydro.


Re: Re: Mary Genesi

Hi Jim,

I remember Norman Major, he was another hockey player in the old Belfast league. I didn't know they lived in Toronto. Thanks Jim.