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Overdale House Lisburn

Hi Sally,
I was reading the postings and you said you stayed at Overdale House in Lisburn on your holiday. I got a map from Mapquest but I don't see Belsize Road and I can't remember where it is. How far from the city center is it? I'm going to Lisburn in May.


Re: Overdale House Lisburn

Hello Thelma,

Belsize Road is the Road that runs from the Belfast road along the front of Wallace Park towards Harmony Hill and Moss Road, Lambeg. If you're driving from Lisburn town centre towards Belfast you'll see Wallace Park on your left, the Belsize Road runs left at a little mini roundabout whilst the Belfast Road continues straight. It would be where the Woodlands Hotel used to be.

Hope this helps, Richard

Re: Overdale House Lisburn
Hallo Thelma
If you are going to Ireland the above link may be of interest to you, a interesting old place to stay and / or eat. It belonged to relatives of Sir John Lavery the painter and he spent a lot of time there. It,s situated between the Airport and Lisburn in Soldierstown, really old world and peacefull with just a few suites to let, in 15 minutes you are in the centre of Lisburn, I assume you will be hiring a car. The link will tell you more.

Re: Re: Overdale House Lisburn

Hi Donald,
I may be going to Ireland on my own and if so then I won't rent a car. I'm looking for a place to stay close to the city centre in Lisburn. I found one on North Circular Road so I'm going to look into that. Thanks for your help.

Re: Re: Re: Overdale House Lisburn

Thelma, If you go to photographs/low Road on the Lisburn site, the centre photograph, 1 Victoria Cresent, (house with white door) is a B&B
It is located at the bottom of Semour St and top of Low road by the Church, a short walk to the town centre.
If you are interested I can probably get a contact number for you.

Re: Re: Re: Overdale House Lisburn

My daughter and I stayed at Overdale House late last year. Very friendly people, comfortable rooms, great food, there is a bus service to Lisburn and Belfast,
we used cabs, reasonably priced, they will call the cab for you.

Beautiful area for walks, and the phone number in
Lisburn is 028 9267 2275

We had a wonderful time, and hope you do too.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Overdale House Lisburn

Yes I would be interested in a contact name and phone number. The location is just what I'm looking for. Is the B & B listed on any site?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Overdale House Lisburn

I'll keep that one in mind in case I don't find anything closer to Lisburn. I appreciate all the help.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Overdale House Lisburn

Thelma the address is 1 Victoria Cresent, I know as it was where my Grandparents lived, I will find out the telephone number for you and details or a brochure which I will forward if you email me your address. He is not on the net.

The actors and artists that perform at the civic centre stay there so it should be good, it has been completely modernised last year.

another place to think of

Accommodation in Lisburn can also be found at No 3
Plantation, it is very close to Lisburn, it's within walking distance of the town.

Around the corner from Sloan Street, we also stayed there a couple of years ago and it was a super place as well.

Phone number - 028 9267 2140
whatever you decide, we hope you have a wonderful time
Ray =Ray

Re: Overdale House Lisburn

If you have time when you are in Lisburn I would love to see you, do let me know if you have time. the B&B in Victoria Cres looks good, very close to town centre etc

Re: Re: Overdale House Lisburn

Hi Margaret,
Yes I'd love to have a visit with you. Maybe you could let Heather know I'll be there. I'm looking forward to my vist home and if I come by myself I can walk around Lisburn and see all the things I couldn't when my family was with me. I'm going to England first to visit my mom's family. In Ireland I will be staying with my cousin in Portaferry.