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Sad day in Lisburn

regarding the Barbour mill it is sad to hear that it is closing my father in law worked there for 50years he lost an arm in the mill when he was only 19years old the Barbours sent him to school in Belfast where we recieved a education ,he lived in Victory st after his death at 87 mrs Roberts lived there until her death ,the treatment the family recieved was excellent ,for the loss of his arm he got 100 pounds and a job for life it doesnt seem much in todays society but he was able to bring up a family and after retirement lived there another 21years Roberts family Canada

Re: Sad day in Lisburn

Your father-in-law , Harry was a gateman at Hilden Rec Football Club for years and as youngster I, along with many others, used to get into the ground without paying. He chased me many times as he used to walk round the pitch during the match and he knew we hadn't paid to get in.
He even knew our names and used to shout that he would tell our parents what we were up to.
I still remember him looking at me with a funny look when I walked past him into the pavilion when I was lucky enough to play for the Rec for a wee while in my teens.
Strangely enough there was another man, called Johnny Troy, who also had only one arm and he also collected the money at the gate.

Those were the days.
I have made my feelings about the closure clear on the other thread.