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Does anyone remember making Yellow Man when they were young i remember we used baking soda and cream of tartar we cant remember all the ingredents so it would be great if some one could help as i would love to show my grandchildren how it was done Harnee


I found a recipe for yellow man at this website...
I used to get the best yellow man in a wee shop off Sandy Row.


In case you can't open that site, here's the recipe...

Traditional Irish Yellow Man Toffee Recipe
This is a recipe for a traditional Irish Brittle Toffee which was a favourite at many of the country fairs which took place around the country.
Yellow Man Brittle Toffee
1oz butter
8oz brown sugar
1lb golden syrup
1 tespoon bicarbonate of soda
1 teaspoon vinegar
1 dessertspoon water
Melt the butter in a saucepan, then add the sugar, golden syrup, water and vinegar. Stir until all the ingredients are melted. Then boil the mixture until a stage known as "hard crack" is achieved.
Hard Crack. In order to test this for toffee. Spoon a little of the mixture from the main bowl. Drop it into a basin of cold water. leave until it cools, then pick up and rub between finger and thumb. When you seperate your finger and thumb, the string of toffee between both should break sharply.
When this point has been reached, stir in the bicarbonate of soda which should cause the mixture to foam up. Then turn out the mixture onto a slab tray which has been greasproofed. When cool enough to handle, pull the mixture with buttered hands until pale/light in colour.
When completely hard, break into small chunks


i remember well that wee shop in sandy row. a train trip to belfast always ended up there to stock up on yellowman and honeycomb for the trip home


I don’t remember the shop in Sandy Row, where my uncle Jimmy lived, but my granny, Ballymacash, used to make ‘yella man’. She used to give me ‘gobstoppers' too, but, as many would testify, not enough.