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i have a question directed mainly to those of you who live in canada.
in australia here we do a lot of travelling by car. it,s a big country even by Canada"s standards but nobody thinks twice about hoping in the car on holiday and travelling thousands of kilometres
a couple months ago we went to the gold coast and on to the sunshine for a trip to see some friends all up the destination was approx three thousand kilometers. in one of dabblers poems he mentions eating caribbean fare.which would be great?
so if you live in canada do you sometimes take a trip south to florida or california in winter to get the sun?
in victoria where i live it,s a temperate climate but people still travel north to tropical climates in winter. just wondering if canadian residents do the same or is it only the australian climate that encourages lots of travelling around
mind you in n.i. they,re no slouches at travelling either? two of my brothers are off every couple months to cyprus greece and all sorts of exotic places i was in lisburn last year and went with them to ibitza so people still in uk have lots of places to go as well.
anyhow just curious if canadians travel lots to usa or far places in canada or is your living more cosmopolitan?
good luck to all tom

Re: travelling?

Hi Tom,

Canadians are no different to the Australians, as far as travelling goes. Florida is a popular destination, for me it is Myrtle Beach S.C. We like to go around the end of September or early October but for no longer than three weeks. Many Canadians spend the entire winter in Florida just to avoid the snow, personally we couldn't afford that amount of time and we certainly wouldn't leave our family for that long, especially our grandchildren. However our longest trip was from St.Catharines to Victoria B.C. we went across Canada and back through the USA with a couple of little side trips, that was a total of 11,400kms. So I guess the answer, in my opinion anyway would be, "Canadians" do like to travel.
Take care as you go.

Re: travelling?

Replying to Tom about travelling here in Canada.!!!!
Yes Tom , we { or should I Say, " I " Travel a lot ] here in Canada .
Just for starters this year 2005. Been to south Florida January to March.One way drive is approximately, 3000 kilometers. Then in September I drove [ Along with a Friend]To Newfoundland. St.Johns
another 3400 way. Then in between to Petreborough many times to my Daughter's 3hour drive. To Sault Saint Marie Several times where another Daughter lives. This is a 8 to 10 hour drive NORTH depending on the weather. Just a Month ago my Wife & I left for The Soo," as it is called" to attend a production of Beauty & The Beast,where our Grandson had a part .We got about 100 klicks North when a Blizzard started & never let up until we got to the Soo 14 Hours later.!! I had wished that we had brought the Dog Sleigh instead of trying to drive in 12 to 14 inches of Snow. [Which You Aussies know nothing about].!!! You see Why we head South in winter for warmer climates. We intend to leave Just after New Years for the Sunny South.

Yes Tom .We have been to your Beautiful Land of Adoption Many Times. To Melbourne & the beautiful drive along the the South coast to Adalaide to the Great Outback.{ Out Behind the Black Stump as the aussies call it.] To Sydney & driven Up the sunshine coast of the Car Rases at Surfers Paradise Been to the F.1 Races in Melbourne & rode the Green street cars along St.Kildas to the beaches. The south coast of N.S.W. to Jervis Bay & further south to Moruya & through the Snowy Mountains. To Canberra.Your beautiful Capital.

So you see we Canucks are a travelling lot also in this Great Land of our adoption.
I live in Ontario & driven to the East Coast many times which is 1500 Klicks.And Driven to the West Coast many times which is another 3000+ klicks. To me driving comes naturally up to now .But as the years are mounting up,my family say that i should not drive so much . I am glad to have taken the opportunity to see as much of this Great Country as I could while Health Permitted.

Lord Downshire

Re: Re: travelling?

beano and lord downshire
thank you both for your most interesting replies. you also certainly get around. the distance of three thousand klicks to florida is about the same as from here to sunshine coast which would take about two busy days or three fairly easy.i expect your roads are much better there. they arent too bad here but speed cameras are everywhere so it slows people up a lot.
but then you would know that lord downshire. you,ve certainly been around the east coast of australia
we have lots of retired people here called "grey nomads" who have bought new cars and caravans and travel a lot they tend to park up for three months or more in sunny queensland during winter. that can make it akward for people like me touring with a caravan as it,s hard to get into caravan parks.
also a lot of caravan parks were established years ago in beautiful coastal sites but with land values now it makes sense to shut down and sell the land for permanent housing so it,s all getting harder?
do the grey nomads in canada also winter in florida or in fact is caravanning a big thing there or does the climate restrict it
glad you liked australia so much lord downshire the coastal road is indeed lovely but then the coastal road from larne to bushmills the antrim coast is also without parallel.
well thanks for the info. good luck tom

Re: Re: Re: travelling?

HI tom did you go to the lisburn tech was wexy the maths teacher or was it miss mc quade the french teacher you most remember tel me the years at school .fish and chips from jenessies or a guiness at marleys ////?????.from an AUSSIE IN MELBOURNE

Re: travelling?

Hi The second
I remember Waxy Cardwell teaching Physics in the Tech, also Peg McQuaid,French and English. As punishment she made us write a hundred words with meanings instead of lines. A teacher nicknamed Hoey taught us maths then, Fred McKinnon also springs to mind. There is a staff photo of the Tech teachers in the old photograph section of this web site, Waxy is also included.
Those were the days, only there wasn,t always money for fish and chips at lunch time, we sometimes bought a single woodbine ciggy and if we were really flush a packet of five.

Re: Re: Re: Re: travelling?

hello the second
good to hear from you. i didn,t actually go to the tech? my schooling consisted of brownlee elementary and wallace high i had many a fish and chips in genesi's though i wasn,t greatly into the pub scene either we were more into motorbikes and would set out for newcastle rain or shine or heavy frost more fool us. but the twisty roads were all the attraction we were all budding geoff duke,s or mcintyre,s
on dundrod circuit??
later on when i went back regularly to lisburn i used to go with my father and brothers to the corner bar? corner bow street and antrim street or caldwells on bow street good sing song or daddy of them all to Pressures of ravarnette for a great night. i pity the young sometimes now. we had the greatest time in those days. not the pressure of nowadays?
good to hear from you and share a few more contributions with us
good luck tom