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Dance Studios.

Hello all, did any of you ever go to the dance studios in Belfast.Like Betty Staff's, John Dosser's, Sammy Leckie's, Billy Neely's, Phyllis James or even Tommy McCarthy's also known as Tudor Hall they were the main ones. I know a lot of Lisburn boys and girls learned to dance, in at least one of the above. Myself I learned at Neelys but went to the party dances in "Tudor Hall". The guys who went with me every week where Mo Chambers, Davie Irvine,Jim Edgar, Liam McCartney and my brother Bobby. It was in Tudor Hall that I met my wife Doreen for the first time. Or on another topic, maybe you would like to tell how you met your wife/husband/partner for the first time and where. I am sure you realize I am just trying to get this old forum up and active again.


Re: Dance Studios.

Hi Beano
Just replied but it,s gone astray, here,s another answer.
Some time ago I was co-ordinating a course in a small family owned hotel in Enzklösterle in the Black Forest for employees from the branch where I was employed and the owner Herr Schäfer who, in the 1960s took part together with his wife in international dance competions,upon hearing my origin showed me photos taken in London of some of the names you mentioned, who also took part, doing some sort of Russian type of dance or march.
I met my wife Sept.1960 at a dance in Lurgan, ( Some enchanted evening !!! ). Harry Mullholland would drive about six of us and wait until midnight to bring us home again for the princely sum of ONE POUND! about three shillings each. Sometimes Jimmy McClure took us in his big black car . I remember once him turning back as he had forgotten his wrist watch which was broken but impressed the girls. We used to take the ***** dancing past , asking him the time.

Re: Dance Studios.

Who remembers the Floral Hall at Bellvue ? It,s still standing bare and lone, saw it in August. Does the Rialto or Plazza bring back memories? There was a dance at Tennis courts somewhere up the Falls, Fruit Hill or something like that it was called.
I remember attending a Trade Scholarship at the "big " Tech 1962 and there was a sixpenny hop at lunch time in the Plazza. We used to go and try to get off our mark with the Millies and shop assistants who went also.
Oh to be young again!