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Old Hillsborough Photos

Hi again. In the Old pictures of Hillsborough @ Lisburn Group of," AIR TRAINING CORE ". How Many Names @ Faces do you reckonize.? I, for one recall most. Myself not included as Probably I had left the country when taken.
Arthur Hill, Are you in this picture.????
I spent time at Locking Airport @ Halton. Before being run out of the country.!!!!!
The Lord.

Re: Old Hillsborough Photos

Lord D. Very glad you drew my attenton to the ATC photo. I remember that trip very well,it was the first time that the Hillsboro squad went to Eng.
Iwas looking forward to going and it was all set to go,untill my math teacher at Lisburn Tech.[he was also in the ATC]set a test for that week, he withdrew the names of any of the boys in his class
Jim Turner and myself were the only ones from Hillsboro who did not go. I believe that teachers name was Pinky Wareing. I did get to go to Halton the next two years.
I know all the Hillsboro and Culcavey boys on the photo. I must admit, for a few of them it was a help to have the names to match the faces I hate to say this the photo was taken a lifetime ago.
In my reply to to your Stroll out of the Borough I mentioned some names, they are also on the photo Bobby Dowie, Dermot Camack, Cecil McKee, Ronnie Herron, and David Magee.
Thanks again, this photo brought back so many memories. I have one question the name Stanley Bell is very familiar was he from Hillsboro.??



Re: Old Hillsborough Photos

Thanks A.H. for your remarks in the Forum.
Yes I knew "Pinkey Waring"Principle of the Tech School.He lived down Castle St.near Robinsons Ice Cream Shop.My Grandfather took us there on many occasions for a "Slider or a Poke " G.F. just lived opposite at Victoria Cres. Top of The Low Rd.

Glad that the picture brought back memories. And Yes that other " BRIGHT CHIME " [No Offence meant] came from the Borough area also as I did. We got into playing many " ANTICS " around the neighbourhood.
Even though some people thought that " butter would not melt in our mouths."!!!
The Lord.

Re: Old Hillsborough Photos

I remember Billy ( Pinky ) Waring living down Llwellyen Ave, facing the Belsize Rd. His son Jim, blond, with a slight lisp taught Chemistry in Lisburn Tech also. His nickname was Texas, perhaps someone knows why? Another Waring, Johnny,( Pinky,s brother ) taught maths and physics there as well. They were related to Tommy Waring from the Co Down and both started as apprentice fitters in the Island mill as did "Basher Cowan in Hilden mill who taught geometry. I have respect for such people who acheived such status.
I still remember a story Fred McKinnon once told us concerning Pinky , he went one morning to the "big " Tech in College Square, Belfast to sit his Higher National exam and having afternoon classes to teach in Lisburn had to eat his packed lunch during the return journey in the bus.

Re: Re: Old Hillsborough Photos

Dear Lord Arter,

The ATC picture was taken, to the best of my recollection in 1942

Again, if my memory serves me, it was taken at Bishops Court. The following year we went to Eglinton where we had a ride on the MTB's. Following that were a couple of years in Wig Bay, near Stranraer where we flew Short Sunderlands and finally, the year before I left the outfit, we had summer camp in Locking, near Weston-Super-Mare.


Re: Re: Old Hillsborough Photos

My most 'umble apologies Lord Arter,

I came across my old ATC Record of Service, you know the little blue booklet in which you filled in your personal details. It contained a Flying Log which I found interesting.

The summer camps mentioned in my previous reply took place a couple of years later than my earlier recollection. Following is a list of those I attended

1945 Bishops Court
1946 Eglinton
1947 Wig Bay
1948 Wig Bay
1949 Wig Bay
1950 Locking

As the Flying Log was filled in just after the flights, I can vouch for the foregoing.