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hi, i am looking to hear from anyone who may remember my father Raymond Gilliland. He was born in Hillhall in 1936 and lived in Lisburn, until moving to canada in the 60s. his relatives were molly, sadie, and peggy. does this ring any bells with anyone?

Re: Gilliland

I clearly remember the surname. But not the first.
If, at seventeen, he was a wee skinny thing like myself, I do believe he may have been my very first sparring partner. He charged across that ring at me, ran on to my straight left, and staggered backwards to his corner. We both laughed. He, because he was a good sport; me, because I nervously hoped that I hadn’t made him cross. Neither of us could have knocked the skin off a rice pudding.
If he remembers; and he probably does, because I think it was the only time he ever entered a ring – he had more sense than I – tell him I’m keeping my identity secret on here. I’m not a fugitive. I just haven’t been in touch for so long that I prefer to remember people and places as they were.

Re: Gilliland

There was a farming family called Gilliland I remember from Hillhall, I think one was called Jack, possibly related,, my grandfather used to call in and was given duck eggs, huge things, slightly green in colour.

Re: Re: Gilliland

hello all
when we used to play as children in the wee park county down there was a girl in the groups we played with called audrey gilliland, from county down.
she later married rodney glover from low road whose sister lyn glover married my friend neville mcmullen whom we,ve mentioned before.. they emigrated to australia at some time i,d heard.

a few years ago i was getting my hair cut and was talking to the young lady cutting it who remarked about the accent i had and i sounded just like her aunt? her aunt s name was audrey gilliland. i gave her my phone number with my name but never heard anything.. i was just passing through the place so still only pass through now and again.
but the name gilliland is on forum and it,s a small world so has anyone ever heard of audrey?
good luck

Re: Gilliland

Hello Sarah, my grandparents name was Gilliland, and their daughter, my aunt Florrie married a Gilliland from a farming family. They went to Canada in the 1950s. I have been trying to remember my uncle's first name. I am sure it was Jacky, but I also feel Fred seems familiar. Is this any good to you?


Re: Gilliland

Hi Sarah,

I vaguely remember a Raymond Gilliland who worked or lived with James Buchanan in Gregg St. and his family came from Hillhall. We were about the same age, I lived in Mercer St.
Does your Dad still live in Canada?.

Beano (Billy Hanna)

Re: Gilliland

I don't know if they are any relation but there were Gillilands who lived on Alanbrooke Avenue. They had two sons and one was called Dennis who would be about 52yrs old now.