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My thoughts and prayers are with you at this worrying time.
Sally xx

Re: Beano

Hi Sally,

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts they are very much appreciated.
To all my "Forum" friends your support prayers and "thoughts" are also so much appreciated.Doreen is getting stronger day by day, everything so far is looking good, we will know the prognosis on the 24th.,that is when she sees the surgeon again.
To all of you,on behalf of Doreen and myself, thank you again, it is wonderful to know that so many people care.


Re: Re: Beano

havent tuned in for a while so only now know about your wife doreen. i hope everything turns out 100 percent for you both,

Re: Re: Re: Beano

Beano, so sorry to hear of your troubles, just found out, as we are close by we are always willing to help. Best wishes to you both, Fraser

Re: Re: Beano

Dear Beano:

I will give you a call next week - I will put Doreen on my prayer list. I am so sorry that when I was talking with you last week as I didn't realize it was cancer. God willing you will both get the strength you need and I will definitely pray for you both.

I heard from Fraser today and he is well. I wish we could all be together again as the distance keeps us apart physically but spiritually we are all together and praying for you.

Give my love to Doreen and also to you children and also yourself.

Love Daphne

Re: Re: Re: Re: Beano

Fraser and Daphne,

Thank you so much for your concerns, Doreen is getting stronger, our main concern now is the upcoming visit on Monday(24th.)to see the surgeon again, we will probably get the prognosis then.
Thanks for the offer of help Fraser, we go back a long way, it is hard to believe it is 50 years.
Daphne,you always take me back in time, will talk to you next week.