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Didn't we have a lovely time........

Well the holiday in Cornwall is over for another year.For the first few days I have been back I have missed the sound of the sea. My husband Paul says I might not miss it so much in the middle of winter !!
We went to have a look at Boscastle one year on from the terrible floods they had and they are still busy repairing walls etc.
The holiday was not without the normal "disasters" we encounter.....My daughter had a car accident the week before we were going down...She was going to Newquay ealrlier than us to stay with her mother-in-law... She had an accident on the M5 which resulted in her car being written off. Fortunately no one was hurt apart from being shook up of course. While she was there with the rest of us the following week she was using a courtesy car which she managed to lose the keys of. We were having a barbeque on the beach one evening when she realised she couldn't find them. I'm sure you can imagine what it was like searching for keys in the sand...needless to say we never found them. What a palavar it was trying to get another set from the Car Hire company? We had to pay £150 to have them cut!!! Anyway when she eventually got the replacement key she found the"lost" one in the boot of the car!!!!!
When she couldn't use the Hire car she borrowed mine and one day she was driving up to the caravan and she put her foot on the accellerator instead of the brake and smashed into the side of the caravan!!!!!
Apart from that we had a great time!!!