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Bobby McMullan

Just to let you know that Bobby McMullan (Nevilles brother) was buried today I attended the funeral in Sloan St Presbyterian church and thought you would like to know. He was married to Joan (nee Murphy). He was a butcher on Longstone St. for 40 years.

Re: Bobby McMullan

Hello Jim,

Thank you for letting us know about Bobby McMullen's death. I remember Bobby very well, I remember when he worked in E.T.Greens in Bow St.,my mother would send me for "mince steak" and make sure you get it from Bobby she would say. Bobby was always very personable, I know he will be sadly missed, not only by Joan, but by all who knew him. Joan was Captain of Sloan St. G.B. when my younger sister was a member. My thoughts are with her at this sad time.


Re: Bobby McMullan

Hi Jim , I went to Brownlee with a Bert Mc Mullan .or McMullen.He came from Knockmore Area & had a brother who drove Buses. Would Bobby be a Relative.?
The Lord

Re: Bobby McMullan

just got back from a trip. i drive partime now a 55 seat coach and have a great time ..
very sorry to hear about bobby mcmullan knew bobby well and in fact spent a big lot of my youth with the mcmullans,. neville and i were best mates and went everywhere together pond park black hall dances ballnahinch orange hall dances newcastle and portrush for a week in a tent in newcastle at banks of shimna river?? i knew his brother jack who also died young and sister ethna his mum and dad who had the market garden behind titteringtons?
where the top hat was built. his dad also had a market holding up in church street opposite christ church and he didn,t drive so neville and i used to spend nights up there on a tractor ploughing the ground for him then going places and doing things with that poor auld tractor it was never meant to do ??
bobby was a nice man and a few years age my mother was,nt always aware of things to a big extent and used to wander the longstone at times with her little dog and bobby used to give her great bones for the wee dog and steer her to the house..

it,s funny how hearing of someones death triggers so many memories
does anyone remember about late fifties there was a saturday night dance at duneight orange hall< a dance was stretching it a bit some poor man played a few r eels etc on an accordian with half the teeth missing so in between the few notes we got this big wheezing noise of escaping air,,, but no matter his foot foot keeping time was banging away on the floor for all it was worth the girls were all screaming at being swung around and the boys were all trying to outdoo each other at who could swing the girls

the fastest happy days

any how neville ans i had an old series 8 morris kept together with wire and string and used te come from duneight at midnight or more on a winter frosty night with the road like a bottle with frost and 8 or 9 in the car and 4 or five on the back bumper and half a dozen up each side on the running boards?? anyone remember those nights??

no sort of police trouble in those days as beano often says a great childhood and youth and would,nt miss a moment of it as the song says
not a penny to our name but happy just the same
oh for the gold and silver days??
it,s bedtime so good luck tom

Re: Bobby McMullan

Hallo all,
was talking to my brother in law Gaby Kerr who is now living abroad, he was also a Lisburn butcher and told him about Bobby,s death. He was very schocked to hear about it and asked me to express his regets. He knew him very well. How old was bobby?

Re: Bobby McMullan

Hi Donald
Bobby was 79

Regards Jim

Re: Bobby McMullan

Tom I now live about 5 minutes from Duneight Hall, I also was a good friend of Neville, he was a very genuine guy.

Re: Re: Bobby McMullan

thanks for the information. you also said that marie briggs lived close to you also i suppose close to duneight hall. i can only remember open fields there and the lovely legacurry? church doesn,t time marches on?
good luck

Re: Re: Bobby McMullan

Bobbie was 79.

Re: Re: Bobbie McMullen

Tom wee Joan was very touched by your entry in the fourm.
Joan would also like to know who Beano is.