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Oktoberfest Munich " O`zapft ist"

Hallo all
Saturday 17 Sept 12.00h, when the church bells chime and announce midday, the Lord Mayor of Munich taps the first barrel of beer with the announcement, " O´zapft ist " in Bavarian dialect,( in English " it,s tapped " ) and the Oktoberfest can begin. An event that cannot be described, it must be seen and experienced . 16 days of revelry. Americans, Japanese, Italians and of course a few Germans take part in the celebrations
Prosit !

Re: Oktoberfest Munich " O`zapft ist"

Guten Abend!

Many years ago (whilst single)I spent a week at the home of some Bavarian friends in Lindau. It was during summertime though, I did not make it to Oktoberfest Munich! The Lake Constance area is beautiful. Wouldn't mind taking another trip into Bavaria sometime.

Later my husband and I lived in a suburb of Frankfurt for 2 years. He was stationed with the Air Force at Rhein Main, and worked in air traffic control. We have great memories of our stay there. Visiting Sachenhausen (sp?, the Frankfurt Opera House to enjoy "Die Fliedermaus, many other excursions, etc.

My knowledge of the language has diminished greatly since our return! Do remember some phrases though.

Take care. Enjoy the Fest

Re: Oktoberfest Munich " O`zapft ist"

Hallo star of the co down
That was my Grandfather,s nickname for my Grandma, while she was called Rosie and lived in the Co Down at Lisnatrunk.
I,ve been to Sachenhausen and drunk the apple wine many years ago when attending a seminar in Frankfurt, Rosen Montag and Fasching Tuesday. On my way back to my hotel I felt a pressing need to enter to my room, but could not open the door because the chip card didn,t function and had to return to the reception to ask for help. A very funny situation ( but not at the time ).
I only go to the Oktoberfest in the afternoon with the Grandkids as its too dangerous at night sitting in the tents, sometimes they start fighting and throwing beermugs. When I worked the company had a box on one of the Balconys reserved and we could sit up highand watch the fun down below.

Re: Oktoberfest Munich " O`zapft ist"

At the Oktoberfest they are testing plastic beer mugs this year in one of the Löwenbräu tents, firstly for safety reasons and also because a plastic mug only weighs 200 gramms while a glass mug weighs 1200 gramms, which means that the waitresses when carring 12**** full mugs to the tables only have to carry 14,5 kilos instead of 26 kilos. Hard to imagine but true, I think the record is 14 or 16 full litre mugs.
Off to the fest now with wife and grandkid Kilian so I will solely for research purposes try the beer out of one of the new mugs.
When I come home I want to try the new red wine for elderly men my daughter gave me "Pino Mor "