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do any of you good people out ther know any thing about "nevinsrow" as I received an email from some soccer player in holland wanting to find out what it means.

(can you please tell me what is the meaning of "nevinsrow"? our soccertrainer always talks about nevinsrow. However he doesn't want to let any details leak out about it.
Yours sincerely, Joost Brunninkhuis')

Please email me if you know.

Re: nevinsrow

Was Nevin's Row not a street that used to run parallel with Bridge street, where the Health Centre and/or car park is now?

Re: Re: nevinsrow

I think that is probably Barnsleys Row you are thinkijng of Guest.

Re: nevinsrow

Sorry, I've not been too active recently but catching up with the forum.
Nevins Row is in Ballyskeagh.
I am sure the houses are still standing.
Hope this helps.