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Anyone know Lexie Burrows from Knockmore.??

Was wanting to get in touch with one of Lexies boys, Ian, Nigel or Stephen to congratulate them on Drumlough pipeband winning Grade 4b at the Worlds in Glasgow last weekend.

Re: Anyone know Lexie Burrows from Knockmore.??

Hi Richard, sorry I can’t help you with your search, have been away too long. Do you know if those guys are related to George Borrows from Knockmore? I worked with George in Gambles Simms.

Re: Anyone know Lexie Burrows from Knockmore.??

Hi Richard.

I hope you got my email about Stephen Burrows, if not please let me know.

His email address is

Stephen, Ian, Nigel are George Burrows sons.

Re: Re: Anyone know Lexie Burrows from Knockmore.??

Terry, Lexie Burrows is Geordie who worked in Gamble Simms.I worked there from 1970-79.Love the Craic.

Re: Re: Re: Anyone know Lexie Burrows from Knockmore.??

Thanks Kevin/Jim. Geordie was the most relaxed guy I knew and great to work with.
Kevin, I left Gambles in 73, so you would have known the Catney’s, Gerry, Joe, Lawrence. Felix Trainer, Stanley Mc Curley, too many to list, I’m sure you must have heard a few of Alex Nuts fishing stories (the ones that got away) he was a character!
and as you say, the craic was great. I heard Gambles Simm’s eventually closed?