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Hi Maureen,

I remember a girl I sat beside in Sloan St school called Patsy Patterson, was she related to you?. I believe she emigrated to Australia. Also one of the Ingleston boys mentioned your brother Colin was in the Christ Church C.L.B. how old is Colin?, I was an officer in the brigade up until 1965.


Re: Patterson

hiya Beano. I think Patsy Patterson was from the other Patterson Family that lived in Young Street.
My brother Colin is now 57. He was in the CLB from the late fifties until the mid sixties I think. If I knew how to do it I would put a photograph of him onto the site. I have one of him in his CLB uniform.
He also played the drum in the boys brigade band. Then he progressed to playing the drums in a pop group. In fact he still plays in a band at least three nights a week.

Re: Re: Patterson

Hi maureen
If you want to put a photo on the site please send it to me at above address.
It is good to see you all back on line again.
Did you know Lovina Poots from Old hillsborough road?


Re: Re: Re: Patterson

Hi Jim,

I knew Lavina well, my young sister used to chum with her younger sister Sylvia. I was talking to Lavina in Hillsborough a couple of years ago when I was home.


Re: Re: Re: Patterson

Hiya Jim Thanks for the info on the photo. I will have a try next week when I have a bit of time. At the moment I am getting everything ready for my daughter's wedding next Saturday. This is the third one of them to get married and I must say it does not get any easier.
I don't remember Lovina Poots but I do remember Sylvia Poots. I'm not sure if I have got the right one or not.Did she marry Gordon Castles?

Re: Re: Re: Patterson

HI Jim did Lavina and Sylvia Poots also have a sister called Lena ,i remember them when i lived on the Old Hillsboro Rd hope i am not getting them mixed up with other families after 50 years away it is difficult to remember Renee