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Hi all , just got back on the 12th to Canada after 2 weeks in Lisburn area, rented a Saab Vector (great car) toured Antrim coast , Co Down coast, went to Enniskillen, Sligo, ending up in Bundoran which was by far the most beautiful scenery of all, Sligo is a (prefer not to say) Bundoran was very dirty, guys standing outside bars smoking and littering the streets also the kids, very sad at seeing the people the way they toss litter at their feet.Lisburn is in chaos with demolition and rebuilding, people are ok, sorry to say I would never go back.

Re: trip

In its way, your post was as REAL as the more idealistic one by Liz.
I fear that I would see things as you did. After years of living in an area where the neighbours frown on an ill kept garden, dirty, litter-strewn streets would definitely put me off.

Re: trip

Hi Fraser
just as a matter of interest, what did the hire car cost inclusive insurance, I,m contemplating going to Irelnd late Autumn and the car hire prices interest me, also did you hire and pay from Canada or in Norniron and which company?

Re: trip

Hey Fraser,

Several years ago my sister and I were over in Norniron and made a trip to Portrush, it was embarrassing. Dog poop all over the place, papers flying, the place stunk! (I didn't want to eat in any of the restaurants). Not a place that the tourist would want to visit. What's so difficult about keeping a place clean? My mother always used to say that cleanliness was next to Godliness!

Re: trip

I hired a car in Lisburn itself. Avis. It's a small shop on the road going to where the hospital is. Just before you leave the town on the right hand side. I hire a ford...for the life of me I cannot recall what kind but it was a new one! for four days it cost me £60.00

Re: trip

Avis have now closed down, I think cars can be hired from Budget at the International airport but not sure of price.

Re: Re: trip

Donald,car was hired in Canada paying dollars, National Car and Alamo are one, pick up in City a/port, drop of Aldergrove if you wish, cost 580.00 for 13 days for a Saab Vector automatic, great to get it from a travel agent or book on line, paid Amex, this covered insurance.Fraser.

Re: Re: Re: trip


Did a lot of travelling around ourselves, I hired a car (Renault Scenic) for 220 pounds for 14days from Dan Dooley at Belfast International airport. It is a wonderful vehicle and very economical. Like yourself Fraser I thought the littering was an absolute disgrace I would love to see the inside of some of thier homes and see what state they are in.


Went to the Castle Gardens and you were on my mind, the view from the cannon is much different from when you knew it, but still good to look at. Was very disappointed in the Wallace Park, everything has been allowed to run down which is very sad.

Liz,Maureen,Terry and Ken,

Alas the "wee park" is no more, not even an inkling that it had ever been there, and the "playing fields" that was so vibrant when I was growing up, it is just a big expanse of grass,there isn't even a pavilion anymore. Still love Lisburn because of my memories, but I don't think I could live there anymore.