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The Wee Race

Does anyone know the function of the wee race? Having its own flow control on the two plank man way up at the locks indicates that it had some practical use. I know it ran under the lower bridge st and out at the Ryans in the Castle Gardens before rejoining the lagan, and I don’t think it was part of the old bye wash system that flows into the lagan at the Union Bridge.

Re: The Wee Race

Terry, the wee race was used for the bleaching process in Barbours Mill also for the Dye Works in the Mill also, a great water supply, it was drained every mill shut down and cleaned out, we used to catch eels etc. when it was drained.Also taught us Low Roaders how to swim and enjoy the rich culture of the leeches etc., ha ha

Re: The Wee Race

I think Terry is talking about a different wee Race.
I agree with all you say. It is now practically overgrown.

Re: Re: The Wee Race

Thanks Fraser/Low Roader. The wee race I meant started at the locks behind the Lagan valley hospital and entered the lagan again at the castle gardens, just below the quay.
I originally thought it might be an overflow but then there is a natural weir on the other side of the locks. I was thinking it might have had some connection to the gas works?