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The Lisburn Exiles Forum is dedicated to the memory of James Goddard Collins (The Boss) who single-handedly built LISBURN.COM (with a lot of help from many contributors) from 1996 to 29th November 2012. This website was his passion and helping people with a common interest in the City of Lisburn around the world is his lasting legacy.

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We used to call in to the gasworks on our way home from school and get warmed up,It was a hot job for the workers stoking the furnaces.Back then our street lights where gas as well as the lights in the house,I remember when they built the third holding tank on the back lane it was a huge project then,with the painter hanging over the side in a bosouns chair and painting the whole thing with a four inch paintbrush.(no rollers back then).

Re: gasworks

In Hilden 50 years ago there was also gas lighting. Jimmy ( Bucky ) Hughes went around at dusk with a ladder and a box of matches and lit the lights. I don,t remember when they were extinguished , night or morning, anybody know?