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The Lisburn Exiles Forum is dedicated to the memory of James Goddard Collins (The Boss) who single-handedly built LISBURN.COM (with a lot of help from many contributors) from 1996 to 29th November 2012. This website was his passion and helping people with a common interest in the City of Lisburn around the world is his lasting legacy.

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like the message board...enjoy reading your posts...i never escaped from lisburn...still stuck ear....Alan

Re: hello

Welcome Alan. You could be stuck in much worse places . For one Iraq. The Lord.

Re: hello

Hi Alan
Your name sounds German? Translated into English means meadow or pasture. It,s quite well known over here

Re: Re: hello

yep the name is german...runs in the grandfather lived at the bottom of bridge street across from halls pub he was the one who made the strange wicker furniture......he was also interned in the army camp but let out to go to work every day....Alan

Re: hello

Do you mean the camp for German POWs where Hillhall school now stands?. I remember the concrete Hut bases there before they built the school.
Was Hall,s pub down at the bottom of Bridge St built into or beside the bridge on the left going down?

Re: Re: hello

Donald,Hall's pub was the building on the corner from quay st. to union bridge,then there was a hankie factory next and then the bridge.George Hall's father ran an undertaker's service on the ground floor beneath the pub and because of all the flammable's was not allowed to sell matches in the pub along with the ciggarettes.Ken.

Re: hello

Remember it, my Grandfather Tommy Watters from Lisnatrunk used to have a drink in there and in Tam Brownes as well. I remember the Sack mills, Gasworks, Quay boxing club as well and across the road beside the wee park there was a car repair shop. In the wee park was a sand pit and also a paddling pool which was very seldom filled with water if my memory serves me correct.

Re: Re: hello

think i remember water in the pool once.....our cub scout hall was in the park as well for a time...richard crothers was the last person tohave the car repair yard

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I can remember Leslie Boyle having some business involvement down the yard by the park. He wanted to make the driveway wider and offered some of the kids in the park a shilling each to dig the bank away along the park fence. Kids were showing up from everywhere with shovels but only the older ones got the job.
On another occasion, new sewer lines were getting installed along Sloan street, the concrete pipes were stored in the park for ages and provided more fun for the kids than the rides. Terry

Re: Re: Re: Re: hello

Terry I remember those concrete pipes as well because Colin knocked his front teeth out on them.
The last guy I remember having that garage at the side of the park was Eugene Larkin.
I remember the paddling pool in the park many times having water in also had newts and a million germs.

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Maureen/Alan. The last guys I remember working in that mechanic shop were Billy Finnegan and Billy Reid, they were putting together a stock car to do a bit of racing, I don’t know if they ever got it finished.
Maureen, I had a bit of bad luck myself in the park. When I was ten, I fell off the top of the slide and got a few broken bones, (April fools day) and if that wasn’t bad enough, I woke up in hospital with Davey Jones in the bed next to mine, almost scared me to death and took my mind off any pain. He was a real nice man though, he used to walk around the ward handing out lollipops.

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Terry I remember a few accidents in the wee park. I remember Winnie Lockard/Lyness getting her leg broken under the burly-go-round. I remember Tommy McCutcheon falling off the bars around the top of the big prizer and splitting his head open. The biggest problem I seem to have had was getting splinters in my bum off the slide. I had to keep going home to get my granny to pull them out with a darning needle! OUCH

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was doing a job in the new pub oppisite the park today and had a look over at it......looks a lot smaller now must go and take a walk round it..might take the digi camera for you far away people if ya want

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Thanks Alan, it would be nice to see a few photo's of the old park.