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The Goon Show

Anyone remember The "Goon Show" with Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe and others? This was a radio show.

Re: The Goon Show

Hi Lady D.,

The Goons were, the two you said with Spike Milligan and Michael Bentine. Hellooooooo Eccles.


Re: The Goon Show

the "others"" were spike milligan and michal bentine great show

Re: Re: The Goon Show

spike milligan told the story out here. apparantly he was good friends with prince charles who also was a fan of the goons. a few years ago charles had a bad fall from a horse when playing polo
spike milligan sent him a tube of super glue.and suggested it spread it on the saddle

apparantly prince charles sent the used and squashed tube back and said " it works well please refill"" quite droll?