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The Bachelors

Hi Beano,

Several years ago, my husband and I vacationed on the west coast of Ireland. There is a small town in County Clare, Lisdoonvarna, where the farmer bachelors all come to town one day a year for the specific purpose of selecting a wife. There was a special on U. S. TV regarding this quaint custom. I have not seen the movie you mentioned but perhaps the idea for the movie originated in Lisdoonvarna!

Lady D

Re: The Bachelors

Lady Downshire,

You could be right re.Lisdoonvarna. When we had the showband we used to do a comedy number.......... Well I'm of to Lisdoonvarna at the end of the year, I'm off for a bit of craic, the woman and the beer, I'm awful shifty for a man of fifty, catch me if you can my name is Dan sure I'm your man. That was just some of the words that I can remember, I know that it goes on and on about the Bachelors of Lisdoonvarna, so who knows.


Re: Re: The Bachelors

Mr. Beano,
I didn't know you had a band. Well, that's interesting, a comedy song about Lisdoonvarna! I wonder how many women show up for the Bachelor's Day?!

Out in our neck of the woods there were two bands (that I know of). One, the Patterson Brothers, and the other was Jimmy Johnson's.

The Patterson's band was limited mainly to the Kilwarlin area for a time. But I believe Jimmy went on to bigger and better things.

Re: Re: Re: The Bachelors

Lady D.

We were a six pce. showband and played in the Niagara Peninsula and the odd time in Toronto Area. We had three Ulstermen, a Scot, an Italian and a real Canadian. We were together for about sixteen years and thoroughly enjoyed it. However all good things must come to an end.


Re: Re: Re: Re: The Bachelors

Mr. Beano,

Oh, I thought perhaps your band was part of the Lisburn scene.

Lady D