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For Liz Brandon (Thompson)

Hi Liz,

Were you ever called Betty?. My sister who lives in Bournemouth and I were discussing the names on the forum and she thinks she remembers you from Sloan St.G.B. Her name is Liz (Elizabeth) also, her best friend was Frances Totten from the Plantation. Has she got you confused with someone else?.


Re: For Liz Brandon (Thompson)

Good morning, Beano. Yes indeed, I was known at home as Betty (after my aunt Betty Thompson who is alive still and living in Hillview Gds, Lambeg). But at school I was always known as Elizabeth. So some people even today call me Betty, Elizabeth, and now mostly Liz.

I remember Elizabeth Hanna vaguely, and also Frances Totten. I don't know if Frances was related to the Tottens of Hillhall Road. I remember well Barbara Totten - she was so funny. Asked by the teacher why she was late for school, Barbara came out with an original one which made the whole class laugh. She said "I had to have my breakfast!" Also her sister Annette, but you must have known their brothers in that family.

Beano I have racked my memory trying to put a face to you. I remember one day about1957 in Sloan St. Mr Morrison had his class just partitioned from ours with Mr Thompson. As sometimes happened an offender from his class was sent into ours as some kind of punishment (had his mislaid his cane?) This day a young man, slim, fair haired, very pleasant face was sent in, and I was most impressed because he answered the question that non of us knew - "the Meditteranean". Isn't it odd, the strange things we remember, and just as odd the things we forget. But I wondered if this was you...........

Liz, Betty, Elizabeth

Re: Re: For Liz Brandon (Thompson)

Hi Liz,

Wish that young guy had been me, I left Sloan St. in 1951 and went straight to work. Frances Totten was not related to the Hillhall Tottens, I do remember Bert the oldest brother he was in the same class as my brother Alan. Other girls from the G.B. that my sister new were,Marie Pendleton,MargaretParker,HazelMcClean and Maureen Irvine. Do any of these names ring a bell?.


Re: Re: Re: For Liz Brandon (Thompson)

Beano, the four girls you mention I remember very well. They were what we called the 'big girls' being older, and we watched them with interest. I worked in the Tilley Lamp office for a year when I left school and Maureen Irvine did too. She lived on the Saintfield Road, a lovely girl, her mother was ill I remember and she was always sad about that.

Re: Re: Re: Re: For Liz Brandon (Thompson)

Hi again Liz,

You conjured up a little memory of Maureen Irvine working in the "Tilley". I remember one time dropping her off at work on my "scooter", as I recall she was sorry she had accepted the lift as her hair was a mess having been blown about a bit. As you say she was a very nice girl, so too was her sister Margaret. It's funny you referred to the other four girls as the "big" ones, to me they were anything but big, I remember them all as just little girls.