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anyone recall the horror story on radio "The Man in Black"? we as kids used to sit at the fire and listen to it after Dick Barton. Also Sat. matinees with Spider Man. boy he was scary. Did you all know of a man called forty coats in town? also Strings Hawthorne who worked in Hilden Mill ,he collected loose strings and carried them around stuffed in in his o/coat pockets. strange man. Co Down man not from Low Road. ha ha

Re: wireless

As a young kid "The Hound of the Baskervilles" by Sir A.C.Doyle on the air was frightening, probably early 50's

Re: wireless

Do you remember the lockkeeper John McPolin and his sister Annie who lived at Lockview, Lisnatrunk beside the Locks? We lived next door, they were the only ones round there about with a wireless.
It was battery powered and they had to bring the battery to the Radio shop where the Assembly rooms are to be recharged . Could the owner have been called Stewart? My Uncle Ned Watters had a set of earphones with a crystal. I don,t know how they worked but were very much in demand and we fought over them . The result was almost every night when he came home from Hilden Mill he had to heat the soldering iron in the open fire and resolder them together before he made his tea.

Re: Re: wireless

Knew old John well and the batteries you recall were made of glass, with acid inside and a wee handle to carry it, also the cats whiskers as the antenna was called.Forgot about them , glad you recalled them.