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Radio Program: The McCooey's

Does anyone remember ""The McCooeys" broadcast on Saturday evenings? I think James Young was involved in the presentation. Also an actress from Lisburn, her name escapes me at the moment.

Re: Radio Program: The McCooey's

Hi Lady Downshire
The lady's name was Mina Dornan I think she was a relation of the man who run the Picture House.

Re: Re: Radio Program: The McCooey's

Hi Jim and Lady Downshire,

Mina Dornan, it was, and it was her father who managed the picture house. Did you know, that Mina was also Registrar for Births,Deaths, and Marriages in Lisburn?. This was a position she held for many years. In the McCooey's she played the part of Maggie the mother, Joseph Tomelty was the father and James Young played Derek the window cleaner as well as many other parts. I have a full set of James Young C.Ds (Duplicate) if anyone is interested.


Re: Radio Program: The McCooey's

Hi Beano a lady called Gertie Russell from Newtownards played Bella McCoubrey. I was best man at her daughter Pats wedding in Toronto around 1955, she married Jimmy Hammond from Moira who returned home and opened the Tempo ballroom in Moira, they emigrated to New Zealand and sadly are now divorced.

Re: Re: Radio Program: The McCooey's


Mina Dornan - you're right! Was she related to some folks who owned a shop on Railway Street?

Re: Re: Re: Radio Program: The McCooey's

Hey Beano!

As youngsters we never missed the McCooeys program on a Saturday night. They were an absolute scream, especially James Young and the characters he played!

I can remember one of the characters "wee Sammy" who stuttered and was always tripping over his own feet. There would be a loud crash and mother asked, "What was that?" Wee Sammy would always reply, "I fffell Mammy."

Ms. Dornan was quite the busy lady, I had no idea she was the Registrar.

I have quite a few James Young tapes myself. The character of Orange Lil is a real scream, her feet were always "bealin"

I have heard a couple of tapes by others who have tried to emulate James Young - they fail. There will never be another James!

Re: Radio Program: The McCooey's

Lady Downshire I am sorry I dont know if she was related to anybody in Railway Street. She was a good friend of my Mother.

Jim (from the Niagara)

Re: Re: Re: Radio Program: The McCooey's

Mina Doran and her sister ran a needlework and haberdashery shop in Railway Street.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Radio Program: The McCooey's

Of course! Mina sure was one busy woman!