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The Pawn Shop

Hallo out there,
how many remember the Pawnshop in Lisburn? It was situated on the corner facing the Assembly Rooms, across from Connellys newsagents. If the people didn,t redeem their property it was sold off. I think after it closed Boyles jewellers moved in. That was where I got my first short trousered suit as a boy in the early fifties. I didn,t know then what a Pawnshop was , just remember my Dad telling me not to tell anyone where we bought it. Everytime I hear the song " There,s a Pawn shop round the corner, in Pittsburg, Pennsilvinia !" it brings back memories.

Re: The Pawn Shop

Jimmy Warnock, wasn’t it, the pawnshop?
Sorry to wander off again Donald, but your suit reminds me that I once got a nice suit from Tweedy and Acheson, (with a Provident cheque). Teddy Boy style. I could never have been ‘cool’ enough to be one of the Tam Brown Teds, but I was flattered when Big Jimmy, (his father, somehow partly disabled, if I remember rightly, used to ring the bell for the boxers in the Quay club), whistled approvingly, taking the pee a bit, but smiled a friendly smile when I passed. I cannot remember Jimmy’s surname, but would recognise it instantly if reminded.

Re: The Pawn Shop

"Provident cheque!" Sometimes the only way then for people to clothe themselves and their families. The cheque Company and the Draper or whoever took the cheque both profited.
Do you remember from your time in Stewarts the " Draws" and "Joins "? A draw was when for example 20 people got together and for 20 weeks each paid two shillings to the organiser, who gave the 40 shillings to a hairdresser or shoeshop in Lisburn. At the beginning the 20 people drew lots ( hence the word draw ) and for the next 20 weeks each one according to the number they drew from one to twenty were entitled to collect goods or services to the amount of 40 shillings. A join was when the workers from different rooms at the 12th, Halloween or Christmas
each brought food or drinks and "Joined" together for a small party!

Re: Re: The Pawn Shop


I am sure you looked marvellous in your "Teddy Boy" outfit. Incidentally it was Jimmy Warwick who owned the Pawnshop, along with one on the Shore Rd.another on the Springfield Rd. in Belfast. I bought my first set of darts there.


Re: The Pawn Shop

Hello Everybody
I’m surprised to find people writing here on Bank Holiday. Yes, Donald, I remember the Draws, and Joins. The old lift driver, as well as somebody called Minnie, used to run all those things, along with all sorts of betting activities.
Thanks, Beano, I FELT great. Would have been better if it was girls whistling at me. As I believe I wrote somewhere else, some hope.