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Another No Whin Situation

Yer Lordship,

D'ye mine the day, when we discovered many cases of pop bottles stacked outside Miss Patton's side door. Apparently they were leftovers from a dance that previous weekend and were positioned for authorized persons to collect at a later date.

They were collected all right, by persons with little authority who stuffed them inside their shirts and headed home by a devious route. Not wanting their bulging shirts to be seen, they headed home by way of the Downshire Football Field and across the fields.

Then,swigging their ill found loot,they fell behind a platoon of British Commandos who did not know they were being followed. We followed them as far as Shovels Forth and heard one saying, " this would make an ideal observation point"

Figuring we were due home about then, we abandoned the chase and returned home, innocent as ever, but knowing there would be a day of reckoning when we returned to school the following morning.


Re: Another No Whin Situation

40 coats you sure can stir up some old memories."Do Ye Mind", us digging Traps,or Holes all over the place & carefully camouflaging them . Hopeing, IF The Germans invaded The Old Sod, that they would fall in the holes & break their leg. Lucky for us, that some of our parents did not fall in the holes first.
Do Ye Mind when "Leather Lugs "John Stevenson was Courting Kathleen Mc Cambley.? A couple of guys "Borrowed" his new .& he knew how far it had gone. That will teach him to come into our territory From Boardmills & stealing one of our . We were fooled , he ended up marrying her.
The Lord

Re: Re: Another No Whin Situation

Good morning to you,

Glad to see you back on the forum. Hope you are doing well.

Keep digging up those old memories. We are enjoying hearing about your pranks.