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Hi All,
Im looking for information on the BOOMER family. My research seems to have hit a brickwall.I am looking for descendants of John BOOMER and Agnes McMASTER or their parents names. John BOOMER was born about 1850 Occupation. Paper Cutter in 1883 and living at 97 Donegall St or Road ?, Belfast. John married Agnes McMASTER about 1870?. Agnes was born in abt 1852?. Children from this marriage were: Ellen Jane Boomer who was born on 17 Sep 1872 in Belfast, Antrim, Ireland. Robert Boomer was born on 30 Apr 1875 in Belfast, Antrim, Ireland. George Boomer was born on 17 Dec 1877 in Antrim, Ireland.David William Boomer ( my great grandfather) was born on 17 May 1883 in Belfast, Ireland. David married Margaret Ann ( Annie ) McPhee (b. Abt 1888 in Scotland). I am told there were 9 children in total but have been unable to find birth details of other children of John Boomer and Agnus McMaster. David William Boomer was born on 17 May 1883 in Belfast, Ireland, I have a picture of him in a military uniform, he married Margaret Ann (Annie ) McPhee , daughter of Unknown and Annie McPhee. Margaret was born about 1888 in Glasgow Scotland and died in USA. Children from this marriage were:David William Boomer (My Grandfather ) was born on 27 Apr 1908 in Belfast,North Ireland and died in Glasgow , Scotland. David married Annie ( Nancy ) Wilson Morgan (d. Jan 2003)in Glasgow Scotland. Isabella (Isobel) Boomer was born in Belfast, North Ierland. Died USA.

For some time I have been trying to link my Boomer family to other members of the Boomer/Bulmer Family but I still can not find information for the parents of John Boomer or Agnus McMaster. Would anyone else have any information on this family or know where I could further my search. It would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards Michelle van Kemenade-Kranz


Hi I my dad was William Boomer who was born in Belfast.He had a brother Adam and a sister Nell.Would that be of any interest to you.Email me back if you want any details.


I have never understood this genealogy thing. Surely there must have been so many branches of each family to make them untraceable?
A chap called Boomer, who lived somewhere outside Lisburn, was a corporal in the TA 6th Battalion RUR, in 1954.


I am sorry I cannot help the lady in her quest. I can but reinforce Dabbler's view about branches of a family. I could put forward some McMaster names, but there were hundreds of the little blighters all over the Low Road.