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Talk about a scaredy cat. NeW York Post

A rascally rat showed a leopard who was boss at an English zoo, chomping down on the big cat's dinner literally right under her nose.

After the zookeeper tossed a few pieces of meat into 12-year-old Sheena's enclosure at the Santago Rare Leopard Project in Hertfordshire, the rodent, just months old, scampered over and dug in, clutching the hunks with its claws.

The African leopard -- who in the wild would be gulping down rodents as snacks -- plodded over to confront the furry intruder, giving the thieving rat the once over with her nose (above).

"She goes in to sniff it because she's not sure what's going on and she got scared of it and jumped away," onlooker Casey Gutteridge, 19, told The Post. "The rat didn't even flinch or move."

Sheena even tried to nudge the tiny thief away at one point (left), but the rat said fur-geddaboutit, and continued to feast.

"I was thinking what a shock," Gutteridge recalled. "The zoo-keeper said he's never had that happen before. He said it's one of the most amazing things he's ever seen."