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i came across a set of runes it however is missing 4 runs, my question however is this i still feel as though i was meant to use them to cast but i am unsure if i should attempt to remake the missing ones or cast them as i found them because they where meant for me as they are.

Re: question

Best thing to do is try it out and see what happens.

Re: question

I dunno, given the number of sagas telling of bad things happening when people use/abuse runes without proper knowledge, I'd be cautious.

Maybe divination is okay (at worst, you'd get nonsense or random results, right?), but don't try to cast any magic. I'm thinking of the story where a girl is deathly sick because some rube miscarved a bone meant to make her fall in love with him. Odin had to come by and fix the carving and made the guy suffer for it. You don't want to make Odin angry with you...

Re: question

I see no harm in him casting runes to test his theory. However I agree with you that to attempt any esoteric work without knowledge is folly.

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