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Algiz as a tattoo

I would like to get Algiz tattooed on the underside of my wrist for protection, but I am unsure as to what direction it should be facing seeing as it could end up upside down depending upon how I move my arm. I am aware of the fact that when Algiz is facing downwards it basically means the opposite of protection, therefore being open to attack. My question is, should I have the three pronged top reaching towards my palm? Or should I have it reaching towards my upper arm, towards my heart?

Re: Algiz as a tattoo

Hmm... I'd let the experts weigh in on this one, but what my heart is telling me is: "Which way is the rune facing when you look at it, and is that what you want to mean?"

In answering this question myself (which way would I put it?) I'd probably put it with the prongs towards my hand, so that when I turn my arm to view the tattoo, I see it upright. Also, with the prongs towards my hand, I feel that it would encourage that hand (or arm) to be my defender (shield arm).

This is coming from a complete novice, but just my two cents. Hope all works out as you hope. ^-^

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