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The Direction and the Meaning

So then, what is the meaning of runes to the left or right or face down or up-side-down? Regardless if the rune is round or any other shape. Is there feedback from the experts?!

Re: The Direction and the Meaning

Sorry, I don't understand the question.

Are the previous answers in this thread unclear? Or do you have a query on some other aspect of the alignment of the runes in a cast that has not been discussed?

Re: The Direction and the Meaning

Yes, unclear. Unless I missed a straightforward simple explaination that I did not see in the posts which I just went over and saw no; left means this, right means this, rune face down means this, etc. in simple clear English. I have been using runes for about 10 years and when a get a rune face down I have so far felt it was saying, not the time to know the answer. If the rune was to the right it could be placed up-right and if to the left it was more of a negative or things could be delayed. Tony Willis wrote a fine workbook about 10 years ago which might be out of print at this point. His interpretations of all of the runes were interesting.

Re: The Direction and the Meaning

The interpretation of a rune in the converse aspect, i.e. face down, has been discussed at length on this Forum if you care to look for the posts. It is also given - in what I hope you will find is 'simple clear English' - on each of the Rune Meanings pages of the main website associated with this Forum It's the first site linked in the panel at the bottom of this page.

I still don't understand what you mean by 'left' and 'right', I'm afraid, you will have to elaborate on your explanation. Are you talking about rotation clockwise or anticlockwise? Or do you mean the rune is falling to one side or another of a centre-mark on your casting field?

Upside-down is commonly referred to as "reversed" and sometimes as 'merkstave' - an invented word from the 1960s that literally means 'dirty stick'. Since it appeared on the Sunnyway website (a site which I otherwise find exceptionally useful) it has fallen into common use although I personally dislike the word, finding it contrived and unnecessary. Once again, the reversed meanings are given on each of the Rune Meanings pages. Also in my e-books and my hard copy book Discovering Runes.

The book you mention by Tony Willis was reprinted in the 1990s and I believe is still available on Amazon either new or used. There is one anonymous review on Amazon by someone who 9 years ago found the book as good as you say. I have not read it myself so I couldn't comment on the contents, but I will say the images of runes on the front cover of the book are a little worrying. Laguz is OK, Fehu is acceptable, but the image of Raido is - er, unconventional IMO. I would be interested to know how the author had depicted and described the Jera and Ingwaz runes. I have found they often reflect the accuracy of any piece about runes when discussing their use in divination.

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