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What to use for ew?

I'm trying to write the name Matthew in runes.

I suppose it would be:
Mannaz,Ansuz,Thurisaz, for Matth

But then would I use Uruz for ew, or Ehwaz, Wunjo?

I guess using Urz would sound as Mathoo?

Re: What to use for ew?

If you visit the Transcription Page of you will see I offer a service for transcribing names, words etc into runes.

Re: What to use for ew?

Well, I dont actually need 9 words transcribing! ;)

Re: What to use for ew?

well don't pay for 9 words then, just pay the basic charge for 1 to 8 words.

It still takes me 20 to 30 minutes to do the job even if it's only two letters. I have to draw the graphic, compile the report, make it all into a pdf file and email it to you. At US$8.95 for the job that's a rate of $18 to $27 an hour. How many professionals do you know that work for as little as that?

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