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Personal runes

I'm quite new to this whole rune-thing, but I think it's very interesting.
A while ago, a Finnish girl that I was talking to online told me there was an old woman in her village who was a runemistress. She told me the woman said she could tell her what is her personal rune (is that the same as the birthrune?) and she offered the girl a bag of runes and asked her to pick a rune. She did this a couple of times and after the girl somehow chose the same rune for three times, she told her that is her personal rune, that it defines her as a person, as well as her life... etc.

I wonder, is that kind of thing done often? Is there another way to find out your 'personal rune'?

Thanks in advance :)

Re: Personal runes

Three in a row is more than coincidence. I suspect the lady might have been using a trick rune bag from Magus Magic or some similar maker of so-called 'magic tricks'. It looks like a normal rune bag and when it is tipped up all 24 runes tumble out, but when they are put back and then someone dips in to choose a rune it's always the same one, no matter how many times they choose.

How's it done? The bag is divided into two pockets and the divider has a top lip lower than the outside lips so no-one can see it. When the runes are turned out the trickster holds the secret pocket shut and turns out the contents of the main pocket - all 24 runes. When they are all put back and the punter dips in to choose a rune the trickster holds the main pocket shut while opening the bag invitingly. The punter is therefore left with about 6 or 7 identical runes to choose from. But of course you can't see into the bag and your fingers don't count the runes, they just notice there are a number available and they can feel the weight of the 24 in the other pocket without sensing that they are seperated by the divider. But of course all the runes in the secret pocket are the same. Could be Algiz, or I have also seen sets that have multiple Gebo or Jera runes, but it could be any rune the trickster specifies when he orders the trick set from the maker. So three dips will always produce the same result. Looks quite startling, but it's only a con trick.

How do I know this? I was asked to make the trick sets by the Magus Magic company in Scarborough, England many years ago. But when they sent me the specification I realized how it could be used to scam people and I sent their money back, refusing to take the order.

I have only ever once in 50 years drawn the same rune three times in a row when asking a simple yes/no question, and the response I got turned out to be wrong anyway. The chances of pulling the same rune three times in a row are 13,824 to 1, i.e. about 0.007%, so was it a trick rune bag or a coincidence? I leave you to make up your own mind.

A personal rune is something each of us should choose for ourselves to match one's personality, heritage, aspirations and loves. I chose Othila which stands for family, home, hearth and inheritance because it is the initial of my family name, my family is my greatest love, and also the most important thing in my life. Get the idea?

Re: Personal runes

Wow, thank you so much for your fast reply.

Yes, now I see how it was possible for her to pick the same rune for three times... It's quite sad that people do this thing, in my opinion.

Also, thanks for the explanation about the personal rune. It somehow makes more sense to be able to choose your personal rune, according to your personality, likes and dislikes.
Thanks a lot

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