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Curved line on Thurisaz?

Has anyone ever heard of a curved line being used on thursaz rune?

I liked the look of a set I saw but could see from the pic that one of the runes had a curved line.

The maker seems to be of the opinion that the thurisaz rune has been drawn with both straight and curved lines, and that this is an old method.

However, I have never come across this, and it doesn't look right at all. The maker did say he will do them either way, but still... just wondered if anyone else had ever come across this?

Re: Curved line on Thurisaz?

From around the middle of the 9th Century until the runes fell into disuse mainly in the 13th Century there were two Futharks that used curved lines. These were the Younger Futhark runes used in Sweden from around 800-1000AD and the Medieval Runes used throughout Scandinavia from around 1000 to 1300AD.

Both these rune sets include a Thurisaz or Thorn rune with a curve - it looks a bit like a letter p with the upright stave extending upwards.

The runes were used mostly for written documents rather than inscriptions, although there are a number of stone monuments in existence. So your maker is probably supplying a set from one of those Futharks.

The easiest way to check is from the number of runes supplied. The Younger Futhark had only 16 runes. The Medieval Runes had 27 and did not include a rune for the hard J sound because it no longer occurred in common speech of that time.

So if the set he is offering you DOES include a rune for J, such as the Jera rune, then your maker has made the basic error of mixing runes from different Futharks and different historical periods. If that is the case I think in your place I would find another maker who knew what he was doing.

Hope that helps. The most commonly used rune set for divination in modern times is the Elder Futhark, and if you want to check what they look like visit the Rune Meanings pages of the runemaker website, it's the first site linked in the panel at the bottom of this page

Re: Curved line on Thurisaz?

Thanks Bob,

Yes, It's more a case of the basic error of mixing up then, since he's selling them as a set of 24 Elder Futhark.

I'll stick with the set I have for now then!

Re: Curved line on Thurisaz?

Very wise IMO.

I doubt that a maker responsible for such an error would carry out any empowerment at the time of creation of his rune sets in any case, and without that ritual the runes would probably not perform as well as they should.

So far as I am aware I was the only maker doing that when I was still making rune sets, although someone might well have started doing so since. That would require a bit of internet research and I haven't had time to carry out any kind of survey in recent times. So I'm afraid I can't advise you in that regard.

Re: Curved line on Thurisaz?

Ok, now I'm more confused... On your monuments pages, page 4 (2nd picture) you show 'An Early Futhark' stating it's the earliest known representation of the Elder Futhark.

Underneath which it states 'the complete absence of curves or horizontals'.

Yet I can clearly see a curved thurisaz or wunjo at the top left of the monument?

Re: Curved line on Thurisaz?

I guess that makes your eyesight better than mine.

Re: Curved line on Thurisaz?

Now I look again, in context with the other inscriptions on the same monument, I can see how it's supposed to be straight lines, but then a few of the letters are a bit wonky or not quite joined.

Maybe it was just the lack of a ruler, or ancient dyslexia?

I'm a Virgo, I notice these things!

And I dread to think what anyone in the distant future will make of MY handwriting. I suppose if it was analysed next to a typewritten alphabet it would look very different, since my ascenders and descenders are never quite the same length, and I'm not always consistent in the way I even write the same letter.

Re: Curved line on Thurisaz?

Ah, OK. Your eyesight is about the same as mine then.

Your assessment is undoubtedly correct. Carving on hard stone like that with primitive tools would be difficult enough now, let alone trying to carve it halfway up a cliff something like 1,500 years ago.

But the 2nd photo on page 4 is not related to any other pictures in the article. So far as I am aware the picture shows all of the inscription, the first six runes of the Futhark having been eroded or broken away. Judging by the sequence of the inscription the rune you referred to is likely to be Wunjo.

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